Why is Congregational  Worship Essential?
Sometimes people think of congregational worship as a group of individuals having their quiet 
time in the same place. But, it is so much more than this! It is the Body of Christ gathered 
together in unity to praise and adore the King and then to respond in obedience to Him.
Congregational worship places the emphasis on my ” obedient response ” to His revealed nature 
and character.
Personal worship is an absolute must. But personal worship is not a substitute for corporate worship.
There are some blessings God bestows when we meet together.
     1. Awakening- When we go through rough times, worshiping with friends can awake our sad 
         hearts and turn our minds to praise.
      2. Assurance- while journeying throughout lives, we are not meant to stand alone. Worshiping
         with friends assures us there are others who believe God’s Word and are walking in faithful
      3. Advance- Worshiping together assists us in our Christian walk. The Holy Spirit can change
          a heart, speak to a need through Scripture, a prayer, a song or the spoken word. We advance
          our Christian walks and encourage our hearts through corporate worship.
      4. Accept Another’s Leading- In our personal devotions, we lead ourselves with the aid of the
          Holy Spirit; in corporate worship we respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit in other’s
          lives. We are called to respond rather than seeking God in our own.
      5. Accentuated Joy- In corporate worship, our awe is increased; our joy doubled. Who hasn’t
          been touched by a rousing hymn that has been embellished by an organ’s range and
          color? Our hearts should be filled to anticipate each service.
          Borrowed in part from Davis Mathis.